Oct Sales Flyer now out!

In October, we are featuring products from Integra Miltex on sale, including instrument lube, cleaner, carbide dental burs and some brand new offerings. New this month are stainless steel scalpel blade removers and sterilized shave biopsy blades. Also on sale this month is the brand new, limited edition, WAHL, Royal Blue Bravura clipper. For those Veterinarians looking to reduce surgical time on a spay procedure, consider the Dowling Spay Retractor, on sale for $15 off. We are also adding to our growing inventory of anatomy models by offering a TPLO model, which clearly demonstrates the merits of a TPLO procedure to clients. To review our sales flyer, please click on OCT FLYER, or to be taken directly to our sales items, please click on MONTHLY SPECIALS

Notice of new warehouse address

As of June 30th 2016, Concord Veterinary Supply has changed our warehouse address from 3011 161st street, Surrey, to 122 172nd street, Surrey. Our PO box address, all telephone numbers and email address shall remain the same.

Welcome to Concord Surgical Supplies, Ltd

Concord Veterinary Supply has been operating in the Canadian Veterinary supply marketplace since 1999 and has grown to be a trusted name in dental and surgical hand instruments. We carry in inventory an extensive variety of instrument designs for the small animal clinic and surgical centres, as well as a large inventory of orthopaedic implants such as DCP , TPLO plates , screws and pins. Concord Surgical Supplies also carries a large variety of disposable items such as instrument wraps, drapes as well as recovery collars, I.D. bands, surgical blades, and WAHL clippers (and much more).

Concord Surgical supplies employs many OEM partners who custom manufacture the vast majority of our instruments and orthopaedic implants to the highest quality standards. Our manufacturing partners have over 10000 years of combined experience in instrument manufacture, using only the finest raw material available. Concord does not offer economy grade instruments, all are manufactured from surgical-grade stainless steel imported from Germany, Japan and France. Concord also offers Integra Miltex premium-grade instrument manufactured in Germany. We take great care in selecting "best in class" manufacturers for specific designs, to ensure that all of our instruments maintain a high quality standard across our entire product line. Our company focus is providing high quality without the 'sticker shock" 

Concord specializes in assisting new veterinary clinics for all their surgical and dental instrument needs. Our company takes great pride in providing superior value and personal service to the new veterinary practice owner, with generous payment options and discounts to help ease the financial stress in the first year. If you are in the process of establishing a new clinic, please do not hesitate to call or email us, we would love the opportunity to speak to you in our laid back, no pressure style. 
For veterinarians who are unfamiliar with our company, you may be surprised to find out you always deal directly with ownership, we really do care about getting to know our clients by name! Although we are a very significant player in the surgical instrument space in Canada, we still provide personal service not typical in our industry.   
If there is a veterinary product you are interested in that is not listed in our catalog or website, please let us know and we’ll be happy to assist. Read More
Notice of phase-out of "Orion" and "Vet-Surge" name brands

Concord Veterinary Supply is pleased to announce the phase-out of the Orion and Vet-Surge instrument logo , effective immediately. All new inventory will now display "CONCORD" to better identify our instrument lines. Some existing inventories will be still have the old Orion and Vet-Surge instrument markings and once depleted, will only bear the "Concord" brand name. Our staff has been made aware of some industry confusion of where Orion instruments come from and we believe that "Concord" is far better known name/logo than "Orion" in the veterinary surgical instrument space.  Please email or call if you have any questions of comments! 

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Update for former Vet-Surge clients

March 1/2016
Please note, the company formerly known as Vet-Surge is no longer an operating entity. Concord's arrangement with Vet-Surge was for the purchase of Vet-Surge inventory and assets out of liquidation and not for the company itself. All product warranties derived from historic sales of product by Vet-Surge cannot be honoured by Concord, due to the fact no restitution is available to Concord from the former owners of Vet-Surge for sales made prior to their liquidation. If you have any questions about this, please call our office at 1-877-330-3335 
Thank you
Trevor Kidd
Managing Partner

Orders to veterinary clinics and professionals outside of Canada

We welcome US and International orders, however, they must be paid in advance via credit card. If you place an order on-line, please choose the "Call me with shipping costs and I'll confirm my order over the phone" option. We will contact you to arrange payment and discuss shipping options. If you have any questions about our international order policy, please contact our office at 1-877-330-3335 (Toll free-US) or 604-536-0097. 

Orders to non-veterinary industry customers

We will accept orders from outside the veterinary industry, however not all items are available to the general public. We generally accept all orders from learning institutions, dentists and health care providers, however, individuals should call us first to ensure your on-line order qualifies, We will will generally not honour on-line orders less than $75 to individuals. Please call 1-877-330-3335 if you have any questions regarding orders to non-veterinary practitioners
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