Terms and Conditions

Shipping Policy:

- Concord Veterinary Supply adds shipping costs to all of its customer orders
- Our policy is to minimize shipping costs to the customer
- Shipments are made by FedEx Ground or Canada Post, unless otherwise
- Regular customers can skip the shipping cost confirmation requirement
  by ticking “ship now”*. 
- If you do not specify contact, or do not require a shipping estimate before 
  processing the order, we will not contact you to confirm the shipping cost. 
- Normal shipments are generally shipped within 1 day of receipt
- Shipments not in stock will be back-ordered and sent when received 
- Customers not wishing to receive back-ordered items must cancel the order

"Ship Now" Option 

- Clicking "Ship Now" enables the customer to by-pass contact for
  for receipt of a shipping estimate. Please do NOT tick on “ship now” if
  you wish to be made aware of shipping costs in advance  

Back-ordered Items Policy

- Concord Veterinary Supply strives to have all of our items in
  stock at the time of your order; however, some items may be
  periodically out-of-stock.
- Products that are currently not in stock, will be put to back-order
- All back-ordered items will be shipped to the customers as soon
  as they arrive
- No additional shipping costs will be added to back-ordered items 
- Please contact office if you wish to cancel your back-order

Payment Options

- Check, Visa or Mastercard  
- Credit card payments must be called in, or faxed to the office. 
- This site does not store customer credit card data
- Terms: net-30 days* unless otherwise stated - Credit only available
  to Veterinarians and Veterinary Clinics in Canada. 
- International orders are required to pre-pay, unless exempted
  by management
  Please call the office if you have any questions  
- * Concord reserves the right to deny credit 



- All applicable Canadian federal & provincial taxes will be added to the total
- US and international orders are non-taxable here, however, duty and taxes
  may apply once the shipment clears customs in your country

Returns Policy

- Concord Veterinary Supply offers a 30 day, no-hassle return policy 
  for all of our items: Items must be returned to our office within 30 days of 
  receipt of delivery in their original packaging. Instruments must be
  returned unused, in their original packaging and cannot be autoclaved
- If you receive a shipment that that is damaged–in–transit,  has
  errors or missing items, you must notify Concord immediately upon receipt.
  Concord will file a claim with the courier if any deliveries are damaged  
- Concord Veterinary Supply will not accept return requests 
  if they are outside the 30 day return window. 

Manufacturers Warranty for Surgical and Dental instruments

- Concord Veterinary Supply instruments carry a lifetime guarantee 
  against defects in material and/or workmanship**.
- Instruments not properly cared for, or used for purposes not intended, 
  are not covered by the terms of this guarantee. 
- Proper instrument care guidelines must be adhered to:please click on
  instrument care guide for more information 
- Warranty returns related to improper and/or insufficient sterilization
  procedures are not covered by the manufacturer's warranty.
- Instrument failure due to accidents, or normal wear and tear, is not covered
  by the manufacturer's warranty. 
- Warranty returns must be pre-qualified by our staff to be processed. We
  may ask to see digital photos of the instrument in question
- Please do not send warranty return instruments prior to contacting us 
  first; instruments must be properly identified as a Concord product
- Concord Veterinary Supply will only honour our warranty for instruments
  stamped with the Concord, Orion or Vet-Surge brand name (only Vet-surge branded instruments sold by Concord are covered by our manufacturer's warranty) 
- As a courtesy, please ensure that warranty returns are clean and sterilized.  
** Winged tipped elevators and luxators are only guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship, however, increasing numbers of these instruments are returned broken at the tips and bent, due to improper use. Please note, winged tipped elevators and fine-tipped luxators are not to be used for tooth leverage/elevation under any circumstances, the fine tips are only designed to separate ligaments/tissue away from the tooth roots. These instruments will bend and break if used for tooth leverage/elevation and those that show evidence of use outside of the instrument design limitations are not eligible for warranty replacement.

**Serra (modified and regular, with and without, ratchet) And Bertschy emasculators are covered under warranty for three years and must ALWAYS be completely disassembled and cleaned before autoclaving. It is also imperative to soak these instruments, disassembled, quickly after being exposed to blood. Failure to follow proper cleaning and autoclaving voids the warranty on emasculators ""
The Liability of Concord Veterinary Supply is limited to the repair and/or replacement of the defective instrument.